About Fountain Head II


Building Design + Consultancy
  • Architectural & Interior design
  • CAD Drafting services
  • GFC & Shop Drawings
  • Redevelopment Project design
Design Sustainable Green Buildings
  • Green Architectural Design for Residential, Commercial, Institutional
  • CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) Compliant Township Design
  • Climate resilient (Smart) City Design
Design and demonstrate energy positive new building solutions:
  • RE -driven µCHCP ["combined heat, cooling, and power production"]
  • Smart & small AHU
  • Passive energy storing construction materials/design
  • LED/Induction Lighting
  • Smart glazing
  • E&C [effective daylight capture through ceiling]
Design and demonstrate prefabricated and modular energy retrofit solutions, like:
  • Multifunctional building envelope solutions
  • Low temperature heating and cooling solutions [ LowEX ]
  • Hybrid ventilation solutions
  • Advanced lighting solutions
  • Building and community systems
Develop advanced control system like
Sensor networks, user-interfaces and information management technology to improve energy efficiency and reduce negative environmental impacts in buildings and communities- : wireless sensor/ actuator network; smart meters; dynamic heat and power grids.
Design and demonstrate more solutions for energy positive buildings [new & retrofit]
  • Vacuum frame
  • Cabrio-facades
  • Lego (retrofitting) building elements & interior furbishing
  • Compact seasonal heat/cold storages
Demonstrate Zero -or Plus-Energy communities
  • Intuitive, educational, self-learning E & C ms
  • HRU-bank for HHA [and waste water]
Develop more solutions for energy positive new buildings and retrofit
  • Thermo-chemical material for heat storage
  • Daylight storage
  • H2produced from the sun
  • Vacuum envelope
Develop solutions supporting energy positive communities
  • Energy -HUB; economic driven buildings [industry] & transport
  • DC grids
  • PV&T wipe & pipe free
  • Wireless energy exchange
Demonstrate Sustainable communities
Economic efficiency by integrated system optimization [optimal use of energy]


Each project is handled with unique perspective and integrity. This is made possible as we have a clear understanding of the National Action Plan for Climate Change Control and trained to understand the Clean Development Methodology within the scope of United Nation Environmental program - Sustainable building & Climate Initiative.

To complement the clean technology concept, the firm has added to its expertise Complete Renewable Energy Solutions (Solar, Wind & Biomass, Geothermal Etcetera). The Firm wishes to be one of the pioneers in the concept of off-grid model solar plants for Corporate, Industry/factory owners & Societies (Commercial & Residential) who want to reduce their Operational Expenses.

Our Skills

Architectural & Interior design - 100%
CAD Drafting services-95%
Sustainability & Design - 90%
Smart City Design - 60%
Green Buildings - 100%
Renewables - 80%
Project Management - 50%
Environmental Conservation - 96%


  1. Use less energy - cut buildings’ energy demand by IMPROVED DESIGN, using insulation and equipment that is more energy efficient
  2. Make more energy locally - produce energy locally from renewable and otherwise wasted energy resources
  3. Share energy – create buildings that can generate surplus energy and feed it into an intelligent grid infrastructure to balance the energy needs of other buildings.


Many energy efficiency projects are feasible with today’s energy costs. At energy prices proportionate to oil at US$ 60 per barrel, building energy efficiency investments in the six EEB regions (Brazil, China, Europe, India, Japan and the US) studied, totaling US$ 150 billion annually, will reduce related energy use and the corresponding carbon footprint in the range of 40% with five-year discounted paybacks for the owners. A further US$ 150 billion with paybacks between five and 10 years will add 12 percentage points and bring the total reduction to slightly more than half. (WBCSD-2010)

The building sector can be viewed as being comprised of two broad elements:

A. Residential buildings — housing the population; and

B. Commercial buildings — housing a range of activities including retail trade, accommodation, business services, government and government agencies, recreation and cultural services and industry, which represents around two thirds of national employment.

Note: By entering the market early, there are opportunities for BUSINESS HOUSES, PROPERTY DEVELOPERS, THE FINANCE COMMUNITY and others in the building sector to capitalize on energy efficiency opportunities to build the “Hybrid House”.

We at Fountain Head-II are ready to take the responsibility to act as the integrator of different systems, building parts and services into a solution that fulfils the end-user's needs.

We can Create Buildings that are G.O.L.D (Globally Optimized Locally Designed). Instead of components or buildings, offering integrated and performance based solutions for energy efficient & environmentally friendly buildings and communities that support sustainability.

The Management Team
Ami Mangaldas
Chief Architect & Co Founder

M.Arch(USA)-Sustainable Architecture;
GRIHA {ADaRSH}–Trainer & Evaluator;
ISO – Evaluator

Urvi Khatri
Principal Architect

B.Arch. IGBC AP. IGBC AP, EDGE Auditor – Interim
United Nation’s SDG Academy- Certificate courses in Sustainable Cities; Climate Action: Solutions for a Changing Planet

Sandeep Goswami

Climate Science & Policy Professional – World Bank Institute Member- UN Global Compact;
WEF Strategic Intelligence-Digital;
Diploma - Interior Design; IGBC – Certified CDM Consultant


MASTER IN URBAN PLANNING,SPA, New Delhi Bachellor of ARCHitecture,BEC,Kolkata

Advisors & Associates
Purav Shah

B, Com- Sydenham College; MBA -Bentley University. ED & CEO - The Ruby Mills Ltd.

Kartik Jhaveri
Financial Adviser


S.R Padhye
Chattered Accountant

Company Secretary &

Sanjay Ramanujam

A A Fellow Member of The Institute of Chartered Accountant of India. CPA - American Institute. CIMA - UK

Kabir Leonardo Chhabara

Msc Financial Mathematics; Undergraduate: B.E Mechanical Engineering - Warwick University, U.K

Anant Korde
Chief Analytic Officer

B.Sc; Diploma Computer Engineering, IIT Mumbai.

Our Clients